A little crafty update

Ok so once again it has been a while since my last blog post but I’m determined to not give up on my little corner of the internet and keep showing you the bits and pieces i’ve been making and doing, if you don’t mind?

Recently most of my spare time has been spent on making things for our Etsy shop, we have had our shop for just over a year now and sales have definitely picked up, particularly over Christmas. We have also created a Facebook page as I have been told that lots of people get many more sales through Facebook than they do Etsy, our page is only a couple of months old so I am yet to see any sales. It is fun to keep friends and family updated with what we’ve been making via our page though!

We also did our first craft fairs in November and December which were brilliant, we made money each time – I was very relieved as I’ve heard so many horror stories about poor crafters sat at fairs all day not making a penny. I really loved the crafting community aspect of the fairs, I met some really lovely people. One lady even liked our items enough to offer us some space in her beautiful shop, since then we have had a few pieces for sale there too. It really is all about making connections!

So that’s what has been happening with our little business but what have I been making?

One of our most popular items at fairs and on Etsy are these faux taxidermy needle felted animal heads. I started with making deer heads and have since branched out and have tried hares, giraffes, bears, badgers and foxes. I am super excited to continue the range and am thinking of doing a zebra next! Let me know if you can think of any other animals I should try!


Making these needle felt animal heads is so rewarding as they don’t take as long as a whole animal but they still make quite an impact, I think people like that they can be hung on the wall too.

This week I am working on one of these needle felted woodland animal nursery garlands. They are popular on Etsy so we have decided to give a safari animal themed one a go too.


The other thing I’ve been making a lot of is needle felted mushrooms, I love the way these look  and they are pretty fun to make too. As you can see most of what I have been doing lately is needle felting as it seems to sell quite well, I am also seeing a lot of improvement in my work as I keep practising which is really nice and very motivational.


In amongst the needle felting I have been doing other crafts of course, at Christmas I found myself making loads of crochet hats and gingerbread men, and lots of Christmas ornaments and bunting. I was also given the supplies needed to try two new crafts for Christmas, dressmaking and traditional teddy bear making. I know I really don’t need to add any more crafts to my frankly ridiculously long list of hobbies but I just can’t help myself, I want to try it all!

I’d love to know what crafts you’ve been doing lately?

And what would you like to see more of on this blog, needle felting? tutorials? sewing? small craft business related stuff? Let me know!


Photography Lately

I thought it might be nice to share some of my recent photography with you lovely readers. Well I say recent but actually these photos were taken in September on a family trip to Longleat Center Parcs so they are not recent at all, but I have finally gotten around to posting about them so better late than never!

We were incredibly lucky with the weather during this long weekend in the woods. The sun shone all weekend and it was unseasonably warm for early autumn in the UK. The strong sunlight breaking through the trees made for some images I am really proud of. Everywhere you looked in the forest was another beautiful natural scene waiting to be photographed.


DSC_0217 copy


DSC_0336 copyDSC_0303 copy

The wildlife was another brilliant thing about being in the woods all weekend, I really enjoyed photographing the ducks, robins, swarms of fish in the lakes and most of all the badger which visited our cabin at night. I can’t believe the badger let me get close enough to take photos of him but I guess he was pretty used to holidaymakers feeding him in return for posing for a few pictures.


DSC_0390 copy

DSC_0395 copy

DSC_0397 copy

DSC_0401 copy

DSC_0451 copy

DSC_0456 copy

DSC_0462 copy

Our long weekend at Center Parcs was with my boyfriend Nathan’s family so of course I took lots of photos of everyone on the trip – especially Nathan’s niece and nephew who are the cutest kids, but rather than bore you with somebody else’s family photos I thought I’d just post the wildlife and nature pictures today!

DSC_0495 copy


DSC_0506 copy


We had such a fantastic time riding bikes, swimming, eating great food and generally spending time together in the stunning woodland. But I think my favourite part of the trip was really getting into taking pictures again, sometimes life gets in the way of you putting time into your favourite hobbies and it can be so nice when you get the chance to re-discover your love for it again!