Photography Lately

Todays post is another glimpse into the photographs I have been taking lately. Last weekend myself and a good friend from University decided a walk in the fresh air and some time to focus on taking pictures and catching up with each others lives might be a good thing for us both. We walked the Gorge Walk over Cheddar Gorge and it turned out to be just what we both needed.



The gorge walk, as you may expect from a gorge, is pretty steep a lot of the time so it was an exhausting day out but the fresh spring air and chance to spend all day outdoors was bliss after a long winter. We definitely felt as though we had earned the pint we had in a cute pub garden in Cheddar after our walk.



The gorge is a visually stunning place, as well as the lovely views we got to see a lizard and some adorable baby goats roaming the hillside.







Having the chance to take a day out from busy modern life and just be outside, taking pictures with an old friend was so great. I hope to fill my weekends with more adventures and exploring as the weather continues to improve and I hope you won’t mind me sharing a few images of those adventures here from time to time.


Just incase you were wondering, I used a Canon 6D for these shots – not my usual camera but so fun to play with!