Felted Cards

Today I want to show you something I’ve been working on recently, a range of cards featuring wet felted pieces/pictures.

The first cards I made using this theme were some aimed at valentine’s day. Although me and Nathan don’t really celebrate valentine’s day I had been noticing a bit of a gap in the market on craft sites/etsy/facebook selling groups etc. for valentines day cards that were simple, classy and unusual. Everything I saw was either very, very mushy or cheeky/rude.


The felt hearts were made out of a sheet of felt I made myself from shades of pink, purple and red wool. After I had wet felted the wool together I let it dry and then sewed over the felt with my sewing machine in red, pink and purple cotton thread. Lastly I added some stitching in a shiny bronze thread to add a bit of sparkle to the card. As I wrote in my Felted Moths post, I love the combination of handmade felt and machine stitches, it creates such lovely textures! Finally I cut out heart shapes from the felt and used a hot glue gun to attach them to off-white cards.


Although these cards were aimed at valentine’s day to begin with, as there is no text on the outside or inside I think they could be suitable for Mother’s day, anniversaries, weddings, engagements or even birthdays if the recipient was particularly into hearts.

The next set of cards I made were these, sea themed ones. I used the same wet felting process, this time using a light blue colour for the sky, brown and yellow for sand and a combination of blues and greens for the sea. I added texture during the wet felting process by including curly white locks of wool to resemble sea foam and breaking waves. This time I did not add stitching as I felt there was enough texture already but I would like to experiment with machine stitching on a felt seascape at some point.


Again these cards are simple, with no text on or inside them meaning they could be used for any occasion. I gave one of these to my dad for his birthday last week and he was pleased with it. I like the idea that these cards are completely unique and each one is like a small original artwork in itself. They could even be framed by the recipient, making them a card and a present in one!


These cards so far have not been great sellers for me but I am still pretty happy with the way they look! I think they might go down better at craft fairs where it is good to have some lower priced items on your stall so that people who like your work but have a smaller budget can still afford to buy from you. The textures and colours of the felt are also much better in person than in photographs.


I am considering a meadow themed series of cards next, maybe poppies in a field or daffodils, everyone likes flowers right? And it would feel so appropriate with spring just around the corner!

What would you like to see depicted in felt on a card?

If you are interested my cards can be purchased here: Heart cards and here: Seascape cards


Searching For That Perfect Piece

Me and Nathan have decided to purchase some large scale art for our bedroom at some point this year. This is quite a new concept for us, being creative, visual people our home is already full of our own art as well as gifts we have been given by friends and family over the years. Being able to hang a piece of graphic design, photography or a painting you have made yourself is a great feeling, but we’d both love to start a collection of others peoples art too.

Of course art can be expensive, our tight budget will limit our options drastically but for now it’s fun to just have a look around at what’s out there. As a bit of a change from my usual posts here on Make It Paisley I thought it might also be fun to share the pieces that have caught my eye so far with you.

At this point I have only looked at Etsy as it provides such a wealth of talented artists and creatives. I love the idea that our savings could be used to purchase a beautiful piece of art, and that money would also be helping to support a fellow creative person to follow their dreams!

These abstract prints from Lola Donoghue have really caught my attention, I love how bold they are.


Apak Studio’s work is brilliantly whimsical and would look great in an adult or childs bedroom.


Wonderfully surreal and just absolutely gorgeous, I’d love some of Gabriella Barouch’s art in my home.


Another bold and beautiful abstract by Maria Sa on Etsy, can you tell I’m very attracted to all things turquoise?


Psychedelic wonderfulness from Yellena

Beautiful paintings inspired by the natural world, particularly cactus and succulents from artandpeople. She had me at cactus!

Last but not least, although it is not my usual style this print has really caught my eye. You can find it on PrintsOfHeart.


So far my selections have predominantly been paintings and illustrations but I think a photographic print could look equally great in our room. Maybe a list of my favourite photographic art will have to happen next.

We would absolutely love any suggestions you might have, either of talented artists on Etsy, or if you happen to be local to Bristol, UK then ideas for galleries or affordable art fairs we could take a look at!

I hope you enjoyed my little list of great art from Etsy, I’m certainly enjoying browsing for that perfect piece!


Easy Fabric Wall Art Idea


This is a quick and easy idea for making striking art for your walls. It was my mum who did this first and inspired me to try it myself. Both me and my mum love to shop for pretty or unusual fabrics, usually to use in a patchwork creation. Sometimes though, you come across a fabric which is just too special to cut up into little tiny squares. Thats where this idea comes into its own.

All you will need is:

Artists canvas’s in any size or shape you want – as you will not be painting on these the quality does not matter and they can be found very cheaply

Fabric of your choosing

Scissors and a stapler or drawing pins


You simply need to cut your fabric to a size slightly larger than your canvas, wrap it round and secure it tightly with staples or even drawing pins. For a very simple idea this looks surprisingly good and can be made with any type of fabric you want. I chose paisley and psychedelic looking fabrics which look great grouped together, but you could go for colours that go well together or go with your home or what ever you feel like. So far I have made five of these small fabric pictures but I plan to make more, this also works well with just one larger canvas which is what my mum did. Take a look at the fabrics that I chose.


Another great thing about this project is that if you get bored of them or think of something else to do with your fabric you can simply remove it from the canvas and you will still have a decent sized piece of material to work with. Personally I love the way these squares look together even though the colours and patterns kind of clash! In our last flat we had them displayed together on one wall, we must get round to doing that again!


Pressed Flower Art


Today I thought I would share with you how I made this pressed flower art. I made this piece for my mum for mothers day (I know, I’m very late in getting round to posting about this!) but I have since made one for my cousin and his new wife as a wedding present, and a version on a card for another couples wedding day. A heart works for a mothers day present and a wedding present but you could make this in any shape you want, depending on who it is for!

Firstly, lets address the pressed flower issue. I know it can be seen as a bit outdated but I think dried and pressed flowers and leaves can make beautiful modern pieces if used in the right way. Also, it’s lovely to be able to press flowers or plants with some sentimental value to you, like my four leaf clovers here.


I use a flower press which my mum gave me years ago, just look at that Mothercare design on the front! The flowers in my press are placed between tissue paper, kitchen roll and blotting paper. From my experience you can use any absorbent paper.


You will need:

Pressed flowers – the amount you need will obviously depend on the size of your design

Paper or card stock for the background

Glue – PVA or any craft glue would work

Pencil, scissors, rubber

Frame of your choice – I chose a deep box frame

To make my heart design I chose a piece of off white card stock and drew a faint pencil heart outline onto it. Next I chose flowers from my press which I felt would look nice together and fit my shape well. Finding places for each flower so that they make a perfect heart shape is not easy (and mine was definitely not perfect!) it could take a while but when you are happy with your placement begin glueing each flower/petal/leaf down. Build up your design until there are no gaps, I chose more interesting flowers for the top and less interesting petals/leaves for underneath to bulk out the shape. If you are having trouble picking up your flowers without breaking them then slightly moisten your finger so the flower sticks.

P1230803P1230806P1230808 P1230809

I am really happy with the way this has turned out and luckily my mum loves it too. I think that putting it on a plain white or off white background and in a square box frame stops it feeling too outdated, what do you think?P1230810