FlowersAbout the blog …

Make it Paisley is a creative lifestyle blog by me, Nat Bevins, with occasional contributions from my crafty friends and family.

By sharing the things I make and do I hope to inspire others to find time to be creative, save money and be happier!

On this blog you will find ideas for things to make, build, sew, cook and photograph as well as a little insight into my creative life from day to day.


A little more about me …

I’m a photography graduate from Bristol, currently working as a Technician in a darkroom and studio at a college. In my spare time I like to do all kinds of creative and crafty things, particularly photography, baking, patchwork and needle felt.

Outside of work and making things my time is filled with festivals, gigs, pub trips, camping, bike rides and the occasional run.

You can take a look at my website here: www.natbevins.com and my photo blog here: www.natbevins.tumblr.com

I sell some of my handmade items on Etsy alongside my talented mum, Make It Paisley Etsy Shop

You can follow me on Instagram too @natmakeitpaisley



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