Terrarium Adventures Part 2


If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you’ll know that earlier this year I posted about my growing obsession with the world of terrariums. You can see part 1 here. At that point I had finished one terrarium and was looking for ideas for how to complete my second fish bowl style terrarium. Well I’ve finally got round to putting it all together, I’ve gone with an under the sea type theme and I thought you guys might like to see it.

To put this terrarium together I used a layer of small shingle type stones on the bottom, then a layer of sand. After that I added a couple of larger stones, some fake moss that I think kind of looks like coral, some smaller decorative stones, a tiny diver figurine and of course, three of my beloved air plants.

I’ve always thought air plants look like sea creatures so it was easy to imagine them in an underwater themed scene. The tiny diver figure adds that sense of a shift in perspective again, giving the viewer the feeling that they are looking into a tiny world full of giant plants.


All that’s left for me to do now is add some small shells and maybe even a couple of little dried starfish, just to add to the underwater theme a touch more.

Of course I couldn’t just stop there this weekend! So I put together another tiny scene in a glass trifle dish we were given by a family member.


For this trifle dish terrarium I mostly only used plants and materials I already had at home. I started by adding a layer of shingle to the bottom of the dish and then a layer of cactus and succulent soil on top (this soil has sand included to aid drainage as cactus and succulents really hate to sit in water). After the base layers I added three succulent babies that I have propagated myself from the leaves of other plants and a larger cactus that I couldn’t resist buying. I also found some nice looking stones and a larger, crystal encrusted rock that has formed a sort of magical looking cave in my little scene. I topped it off with some moss left over from my original succulent terrarium kit, some smaller decorative stones and some sand to create a sandy path leading to the crystal cave. Last but not least I added a tiny figurine of a photographer.


I had ordered the photographer figurine online when I ordered the diver for the air plant terrarium, being a photographer myself I couldn’t not buy the tiny little guy, even though I wasn’t sure how I was going to use him. Pairing the little photographer with the crystal has worked out perfectly as there really needed to be a focal point worth photographing in any scene that I added the photographer to.


I am really pleased with how both of my terrariums have turned out, especially the trifle dish one as it wasn’t planned, I just kept adding bits and pieces until I was happy with it. I can’t wait to watch the succulent babies grow and add even more drama to the tiny world!

I expect you can tell that I am totally hooked on this terrarium business now, I used to think they were totally tacky but my mind has been completely changed. Now I think they are so much fun and really creative, how do you feel about them?



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