Searching For That Perfect Piece

Me and Nathan have decided to purchase some large scale art for our bedroom at some point this year. This is quite a new concept for us, being creative, visual people our home is already full of our own art as well as gifts we have been given by friends and family over the years. Being able to hang a piece of graphic design, photography or a painting you have made yourself is a great feeling, but we’d both love to start a collection of others peoples art too.

Of course art can be expensive, our tight budget will limit our options drastically but for now it’s fun to just have a look around at what’s out there. As a bit of a change from my usual posts here on Make It Paisley I thought it might also be fun to share the pieces that have caught my eye so far with you.

At this point I have only looked at Etsy as it provides such a wealth of talented artists and creatives. I love the idea that our savings could be used to purchase a beautiful piece of art, and that money would also be helping to support a fellow creative person to follow their dreams!

These abstract prints from Lola Donoghue have really caught my attention, I love how bold they are.


Apak Studio’s work is brilliantly whimsical and would look great in an adult or childs bedroom.


Wonderfully surreal and just absolutely gorgeous, I’d love some of Gabriella Barouch’s art in my home.


Another bold and beautiful abstract by Maria Sa on Etsy, can you tell I’m very attracted to all things turquoise?


Psychedelic wonderfulness from Yellena

Beautiful paintings inspired by the natural world, particularly cactus and succulents from artandpeople. She had me at cactus!

Last but not least, although it is not my usual style this print has really caught my eye. You can find it on PrintsOfHeart.


So far my selections have predominantly been paintings and illustrations but I think a photographic print could look equally great in our room. Maybe a list of my favourite photographic art will have to happen next.

We would absolutely love any suggestions you might have, either of talented artists on Etsy, or if you happen to be local to Bristol, UK then ideas for galleries or affordable art fairs we could take a look at!

I hope you enjoyed my little list of great art from Etsy, I’m certainly enjoying browsing for that perfect piece!



3 thoughts on “Searching For That Perfect Piece

  1. These are so amazing! Last year I discovered a Japanese artist called Ryosuke Matsuzono. He does these incredible detailed illustrations with blue or black ink. The work is monochromatic but really impactful. I think you’ll like his stuff if you look for him

    • Wow I have just had a look at Ryosuke Matsuzono’s work and you’re right, it is so beautiful! I particularly love the blue ink pieces. Thanks very much for the recommendation!

      • You’re welcome. Me too! I just had to get those – the blue ones.
        I hear he takes large scale commissions and I am thinking of looking into that once I have a budget

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