Crochet Fabric Basket


Today I finished a project I had been working on and putting off for about a year, it’s always such a good feeling to finally get something finished!

Originally this was going to be a pouffe for sitting on or resting feet on in the living room but I set the project aside when I realised I did not have enough fabric to finish it.

I was making the pouffe using the same method as these crochet rugs that I made a while back. The process involves cutting large amounts of fabric into strips and then using it instead of wool or yarn with an extra large crochet hook (I used a 12mm hook). Creating the rugs or this pouffe/basket is as simple as using a double crochet stitch (single crochet if you’re in America) in a circular shape. The only difference between them being to make a flat rug you keep adding increases to each row and with the basket you stop adding increases to create sides of the basket.


I love this crocheting with fabric method as it makes lovely thick chunky items that are hardwearing and perfect for the home. It’s also pretty quick once you get started crocheting, although cutting the strips takes time and can feel a bit repetitive and dull.

When I realised I would have to buy more black and white fabric in order to have enough fabric strips to make a whole pouffe I set the project aside and forgot about it for a while. Sometimes when a problem presents itself with a project it’s easier just to forget about it for a bit and move onto something else, I hope it’s not just me who puts things off like this?



A few months later I was shopping for a basket for my house when I realised I had a basket almost finished at home already if I simply added a few more rows of crochet and didn’t give my pouffe a top. I wanted to use a basket to tidy up the incredibly annoying mass of cables and games consoles underneath our TV. The pouffe/basket turned out to be just the right size!The cables and consoles look so much neater now, it’s still a pretty busy and untidy looking part of the house but is definitely vastly improved by the basket.


So there you have it, I saved myself money by not buying a basket, finished a project that had been waiting for months and cleaned up an annoying messy area in my living room all at once.  Solving a problem, saving money and being creative all in one go is definitely my favourite kind of project, would you agree? 




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