Terrarium Adventures


Today I thought it would be fun to talk about another kit I was given as a gift for Christmas, this one is a terrarium kit. I have had a glass bowl terrarium with a few air plants inside for about 6 months and have always meant to jazz it up with coloured stones, decoration or other plants but have just never found the time, like many of my projects and ideas!

This Christmas my dad gave me a new kit which included everything I needed to put together a terrarium containing succulents, rocks, moss and a tiny figure of a man ready to go for a swim, so cute!


I added a slice of blue crystal to look like a pool or lake that the bather was about to dive into, I think it’s worked really well. The kit came with two succulents and I added a third baby succulent that I have been growing for a few months. I love the way the miniature figure shifts the viewers perspective and instantly makes you feel as if the tiny succulents are huge tropical trees in the landscape.


The terrarium took no time at all to put together, all I had to do was put in some shingle for drainage underneath a layer of soil, plant the succulents, add the rocks, crystal and miniature figure before using moss to fill in all the gaps. This project felt satisfyingly quick and simple but still very creative and I am so in love with the outcome! I think I might be hooked on terrariums now!

Finishing the succulent terrarium made me want to put some more effort into my air plant terrarium too. I gave the bowl a wash before putting in a layer of shingle and then a layer of larger stones, this terrarium will not need to be watered in the same way as the succulent terrarium so the stones are mostly for decoration.




Next I added my two air plants and finished it off with a small needle felted mushroom I made (my needle felted mushrooms are available to buy here, let me know if you’d like to see a needle felt mushroom tutorial). I like the fairy tale feel the red and white mushroom gives the scene but I think this terrarium could do with some more work before I am really happy with it.




There are so many different options when creating a tiny miniature world like this and so much opportunity to be really creative and resourceful with materials. I’d like to give this terrarium more of a theme, and having done some research on Pinterest I have been inspired by lots of different ideas!

As the air plants do not need soil they would lend themselves well to a desert style scene like these …





Or perhaps an underwater style terrarium would be fun, to me air plants already bring to mind sea plants and animals. These are very inspiring ..





One thing I know I want in this terrarium is miniature figures of some kind, in order to give the viewer that feeling of a perspective shift. How cute would a tiny scuba diver be in an ocean themed scene? Or a couple of ramblers out walking through the desert?

I’d love to know what you think would work well in my air plant terrarium! I’d also be so fascinated to see your creations if you have ever given one a go. Suggestions for online shops selling miniature figures would be very much appreciated too!




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