Christmas at our house

We’re in full festive mode here now and the tree and decorations are up! We had such a lovely day on Sunday buying the tree and decorating it and the rest of the house (despite bad hangovers for half of our household) whilst listening to Christmas songs. This really is my favourite time of the year, I get about as excited as a child!

I thought it might be nice to show you some snapshots of our house looking all festive, particularly the handmade decorations.


I made these stockings for myself, Nathan and our two house mates two years ago. Each year we have a mini ‘house Christmas’ a week or two before Christmas where we have a special dinner, drinks and fill stockings for each other.



A fair amount of the decorations on our tree are handmade ornaments or shop bought baubles decorated with Decopatch paper. You can see how I did those here. The large quilted looking baubles are a new craft my friend taught me this weekend, learning a new skill is so exciting and I think these baubles look so much more complicated than they are. I hope to post a tutorial about those soon!


This pompom wreath was a Christmas craft from last year too, you can learn how I made it here.


This advent calendar is one of my favourite DIYs ever. I fill the pockets with chocolate, tree decorations and miniature bottles of booze for my housemates each year, they love it too! If you’d like to give it a go, you can see how here.


Me and my housemate Rhianna made this wreath last night! Neither of us had made a wreath from real plants before and so we mostly just guessed and made it up as we went along. I really love how it’s turned out though! All we had to buy was some thick wire to create the base circle and some florist tape, we gathered the holly from a friends garden and the rest was offcuts from the bottom of our Christmas tree. We used a simple method of taping the foliage down and then overlapping with another piece to hide the tape. We added a few gold accents we had lying around and it was finished. It’s not your usual perfectly spherical, even wreath but I love it.


This felt elf ornament is one of the Christmas items I have been making for my Etsy shop. I have been meaning to write a post about how I make them for a while now but it is so hard to find a time when there is enough daylight to photograph the process! The other felt ornaments below are also for sale on my Etsy shop, you can take a look at my shop here.


I hope you enjoyed seeing a little of what Christmas is like at our house. It makes me so happy to be surrounded by decorations that me and my friends and family have made ourselves, they mean so much more when someone has put time and effort into them! I love seeing how other people decorate for Christmas, so do leave me links to your pictures if you have them!


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