This years Christmas cards


I thought it might be nice to share with you the Christmas cards I will be sending this year. I do a card every year, usually the cards are handmade: either photos I have taken or papercraft cards I have made. This year I went for a photo card as whilst I was in Center Parcs in September I got lucky enough to capture an image of this robin perched perfectly in a patch of sunlight. The photo is by no means technically perfect but I love the way the dappled sunlight has caught the robin like a spotlight, making him stand out beautifully from the background. As soon as I took the photo I knew it would be this years Christmas card!


I got the photos printed from an online printing company, I have tried a few different photo printers and tend to go with whichever one has the best deals on at the time as I have not found much difference in print quality. This time I think I used Photobox and had them printed on matt paper. Making the cards was simply a case of buying red card stock, cutting it to size, folding and sticking the photos to the card with pritt stick.


In the past my Christmas cards have included fabric, patterned paper, buttons, glitter and all sorts of other embellishments but this year I decided to keep it simple and let the photo speak for itself. It is not the most festive or jolly of Christmas cards but the robin is such a lovely symbol of this time of year that I think the card just works.


I have nearly finished writing my cards, now the only question is when to send them?! I never know what is an acceptable date to send cards each year! If you make your own Christmas cards then leave me a link in the comments, I’d love to see them!


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