Mini Clay Plant Pots DIY


Today I thought I’d share with you one of the projects I did just for myself over the summer when I took a little break from blogging. Theres no pictures from whilst I was making these but it’s a pretty simple little DIY so I’m sure you can imagine what the process looked like. P1240736

My obsession with succulents has been growing rapidly (as has everyone else’s according to pinterest and the blog world) and I have begun propagating my succulents to create lots of new little plants. The problem with this is lots of plants need lots of pots and that can get expensive if you want something prettier than cheap plastic pots. I had some modelling clay lying around so I decided to have a go at making them myself.

P1240741Quite simply I moulded my clay into the shape of four little plant pots, gave two of them detailed edging and then left my pots to dry. Once they had dried in the air for the amount of time specified on the packet I painted half of each pot with acrylic paint mixed to create four different shades of blue/green/turquoise. When the paint was dry I applied a couple of coats of polyurethane sealant to make them watertight.

I had no idea if the sealant I used would make these pots watertight enough to handle the occasional watering, and there was a chance the clay would soak up all the water and then disintegrate. So far it seems to have worked just about ok, the pots feel a little damp to the touch some of the time so the clay is taking on the water but they have not fallen apart yet! Luckily succulents need very little water. Next time I would use a modelling substance that can be made watertight properly in the first place.  P1240738Overall I would say this has not been my most successful project to date! The clay does soak up some water so they won’t last forever. There is some darker blue visible around the rims of the pots from where I placed them upside down on a plastic bag to let the sealant dry and they stuck to the blue bag, which makes the pots look a little scruffy. Another issue I found was the modelling itself, I kind of expected to be able to pick up the clay and be brilliant at moulding the shape of plant pots! Haha I was definitely wrong! I found it hard to get a shape I liked so the pots resemble something a toddler would make. My clay skills could do with a lot of practice!

Despite these issues I think these little planters have ended up pretty cute with the little succulents in them (that may have more to do with the cuteness of the succulents than the planters) and if anyone asks I could always lie and say a child made them!

Do you have any tips or ideas for handmade plant pots? I’d love to have another (hopefully more successful) go at making them!



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