Patchwork Baby Blanket

This is a project I have been getting on with slowly over the last few months and have recently finished, it feels so good to have got it done! P1240728

One of my cousins is due to have a baby soon so I decided to make another patchwork baby blanket, this will be my third baby blanket and I’ve got to say my skills are definitely improving! At the start of this project we did not know if they were having a boy or a girl so I opted for a neutral green theme and collected fabrics with various patterns such as flowers, gingham, spots and little green frogs. We have since found out they are having a boy so the green was a pretty good choice!

P1240730I used the paper/card pieces method again – this involves temporarily attaching small pieces of fabric to paper or card shapes using tacking stitches and then hand sewing the edges of your covered shapes together until you have sewn each edge to another piece. At this point you can remove your paper or card. This is not a quick technique but I prefer it to using the sewing machine as I can do it whilst watching TV or spending time with my housemates.


Once I was finished attaching all my small squares together I added a border, wadding and a backing fabric using the sewing machine. In the past I have not actually ‘quilted’ my blankets – meaning I sewed small pieces of fabric together but did not stitch over the top of them again which is the step that gives patchwork quilts that quilted look. This time I decided to give it a go, opting to simply sew the top patchwork layer to the wadding using straight lines following the lines of the patchwork squares. I then added the backing fabric separately and it was done. For a first attempt at properly quilting a blanket I think it went pretty well and I can’t wait to give it to the new member of the family when he arrives.   P1240731

I think a baby blanket is a perfect project for someone wanting to give patchwork a try as it doesn’t have to be too big or too intricate and whoever you give it to will always be thrilled with such a personal, meaningful gift.



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