Moving House

I can’t believe it’s been a month since my last post! I haven’t forgotten about the blog I promise!

Just over a month ago we found out we had  to move out of our pretty little flat as the owners wanted to sell. If this has ever happened to you whilst renting you will know what a horrible feeling it is to suddenly know you have to move out of your home.

Luckily we found somewhere to move to almost immediately and this time it is a whole house with a garden! Every cloud really does have a silver lining! So that’s why it’s been so quiet here on the blog, packing, organising and planning the move have taken up almost every waking moment. Now that we have moved and my craft area is well on it’s way to being set up I’m sure I will return to my usual levels of creativity.

In fact I have always found a house move to be very inspiring in the past. New spaces need new decoration, storage solutions and set ups which has always led me to loads of new ideas before and I’m sure this new house will be the same!

We are planning a little garden related DIY project this weekend so I will share that with you guys next week!


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