Photography Lately …

Today I thought I would share with you some of the photographs I have been taking recently. As it starts to get warmer I begin to do less craft and more photography, I suppose that makes sense as getting out and about with a camera is a lot more appealing in the sunshine! It would be great to be more consistent with my photography and my crafting but if inspiration strikes you just have to go with it, even if that means going through phases with the seasons!

This first set of images were taken on a walk at the Glastonbury festival site. It was an unseasonably warm early spring day so we gathered a large group to explore the famous fields before the chaos of the festival descends in June. The festival site is a great place for a walk, especially if you are a regular festival goer like me. It is amazing how small the site feels before all the stages, tents, barriers and revellers arrive!

Glastonbury Walks 2015 2024 Glastonbury Walks 2015 2014 Glastonbury Walks 2015 2001 Glastonbury Walks 2015 2007 Glastonbury Walks 2015 2012 Glastonbury Walks 2015 2013These pictures were taken with my Olympus OM 2 and some expired colour film I found at the back of a cupboard, I processed the negatives myself in the darkroom at work. Being able to process my own film is a dream for me, I love that I have done each and every part of the picture making process myself.

This sunny walk seemed to kick start my photographic inspiration levels again and the next week I even dragged my boyfriend Nathan into the studio to get some portraits of him. For this shoot I used the Mamiya 645df with an Aptus Leaf digital back, this is an expensive piece of kit so I am lucky to be able to use it at work! It is safe to say that film photography is my thing rather than digital but every now and then it is nice to do something a bit different. nathan3229 copy nathan3266 copy nathan3287 copyThe image below is my favourite from the shoot, it can be very hard to get a model to smile naturally but Nathan looks so happy in this picture!
nathan3293 copyThe Mamiya is capable of recording a crazy amount of detail which makes a change from the grainy film photos I normally take but also makes it relatively difficult to focus accurately. Getting the chance to take some studio portraits like these is brilliant and I know even Nathan will be glad I pointed a camera at him for an hour one day in the future!

Hopefully now that the weather is getting warmer I will be out and about with my cameras more and can share some more of my images with you soon!


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