Crochet Infinity Scarf


The other day it suddenly dawned on me that I had been wearing the same scarf all winter. Yes, every day, all winter! This is especially silly of me as I have quite a few lovely scarves that I could have been wearing but this particular one is just too comfy and too easy to wear so I have stuck with it for months. It is a purple/grey infinity scarf or snood, whichever name you use it is simply the cosiest scarf ever and the fact that it has no ends means there is no readjusting or tying it up which makes it very easy to wear.

This led me to thinking that perhaps if I made myself another infinity scarf then at least I could swap between the two rather than wearing the same thing every day until the weather warms up. I found this beautiful wool in Wilkinsons for only £1.30 a ball, and the scarf used 2 balls of wool, £2.60 is definitely less than you would pay for a scarf in the shops!


I have seen many different patterns for a crochet infinity scarf on Pinterest and elsewhere but in the end I decided to wing it and guess! Like my blanket I went for a simple double crochet stitch (single crochet if you use American terminology) as it is quick and easy and doesn’t take too much concentration. Because of this simple stitch, this project would be brilliant for beginners!

Here’s what I did in case you fancy making one too:

Take a crochet hook of your choice (I chose a 7mm hook which is larger than the packaging on my wool suggested as I wanted a slightly looser weave look to my scarf) and slip knot onto your hook.



Next chain the length that you want your scarf – the finished scarf will be a loop so keep testing the length around your neck until you are happy, or you could do what I did and chain until it is the same length as another scarf that you like.


When you are happy with the length simply slip stitch into your first chain to make a loop.P1240531

Begin to double crochet into each chain around and just keep going and going. The benefit of working in a loop like this is you don’t have to worry about stopping and starting at the edges and you don’t have to attach two ends of your scarf together later.P1240532


Keep going with your double crochet stitch until your scarf is the desired width – that’s totally up to you! When you are done just fasten off the end and weave in the two ends of wool.




This scarf only took me a few hours in the end which is the benefit of using the simple double crochet stitch. I love the way the coloured wool fades in and out of the blue and green colours! These simple scarves are a great way to learn crochet and would make really nice presents too!



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