Finally Finished! – A Crochet Blanket

P1240534If you have been reading this blog recently you will know that just before Christmas I started making a crochet blanket using wool I was mostly given for free by friends and family. I shared my half finished blanket in an effort to motivate myself to actually finish it as I have a history of getting half way with blankets and then moving on to some other new, exciting project. Well … sharing my blanket with you all must of helped as I have finally finished it! I’ve got to say this was one of the most rewarding craft projects I have ever done and I am so, so happy with the finished blanket!

P1240535Using a very simple crochet stitch meant that I could work on the blanket each evening after work whilst I watched TV or chatted with my housemates, it didn’t require a lot of concentration, just a lot of time but seeing the blanket grow slightly each day was really rewarding.
P1240536 I had no idea how large the blanket was going to turn out as I was not following a pattern, and was using a large bag of wool in various sizes, luckily it has turned out to be a pretty perfect size – just right to go on a bed or to snuggle up underneath on the sofa. The variety in types and sizes of wool has left the blanket a little bit misshapen in places but that does not bother me, I am just happy to have completed this ambitious crochet project only a year after learning to crochet!


Overall I would highly recommend taking on a crochet project like this, even if you have never tried crochet before as a simple crochet stitch is easy to pick up but still allows you to achieve a lot. I am thinking of trying another blanket using a more intricate stitch to give as a present but I haven’t decided on colours, wool or pattern yet. Any ideas or inspiration would be very welcome!


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