Crochet Blanket … A Work In Progress …


Todays post is all about a project that I am working on at the moment, a crochet blanket. Making a blanket is a big job, so obviously I decided to start making one right in the middle of the run up to christmas when I had so many presents to make! On reflection this was a silly idea and certainly delayed my christmas present making, but sometimes when you have lots of things to make for other people it’s nice to have something for yourself to work on too to keep your motivation levels up!

I am hoping that by sharing this ongoing project with you I will ensure I keep going and finish it quickly so that I can share the finished product with you! I have a bit of a history of starting blankets and not finishing them, the first blanket I made was a simple machine sewn patchwork blanket, it took me about a year but I did finish that one – I hope to write a post about that one soon! After finishing that blanket I started another one – this time a hand sewn patchwork blanket with a hexagon flower design .. this blanket has been ‘nearly finished’ for about a year now. I’d love to finish it but for some reason I just can’t bring myself to start back up on it!



Anyway I’m hoping that this crochet blanket will be different, I have been working on it for an hour or so most evenings and I am getting there! I am using a simple double crochet stitch (single crochet if you’re in America) meaning that I don’t have to focus on what I’m doing too much and can watch TV at the same time – which as I’ve mentioned before is my favourite type of craft!


I am using a 5mm hook and a selection of wool that I was given by a friend who had been given their mothers whole wool collection, I chose a variety of blue/green/purple colours which all go quite nicely together. The striped style has ended up having stripes of all different widths which I much prefer to regimented equal stripes and I think that using many different types of wool adds to the eclectic, random look I am going for.


I’m really looking forward to finishing this project but in the mean time its so nice to snuggle up and work on a cosy blanket on a cold winters night!  If you are looking to start a really satisfying project which will keep you occupied for a little longer than the usual craft then I would really recommend making a crochet blanket. If you have never tried crochet before the double crochet stitch I have been using could not be simpler, I thought about using a more elaborate stitch but in the end decided simpler is better for this project. If you’ve been working on a bigger project like a blanket I’d love to hear about it!




2 thoughts on “Crochet Blanket … A Work In Progress …

  1. Blankets are so hard to finish arent they? You have so much time to fall in and out of love with them then hopefully in love with them again! Yours looks lovely so i hope you do manage to finish it.

    • Thank you so much! I’ve actually nearly finished it now, hoping that finishing one will motivate me to get my other one finished .. we’ll see!

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