Thoughts on a Needle Felting Course


Hi! Todays post is not going to be a ‘how to’ like most of my others, I just want to talk to you about a course I went on recently where I learnt to needle felt. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you will know that I have been trying out a few different felting techniques recently, the one I hadn’t tried yet was needle felting so me and my mum signed up for a course in needle felting penguins one saturday just before christmas.

I’ve got to say, I was a bit sceptical about craft courses to begin with. My process when it comes to learning a new craft is to do a little internet research/talk to friends and then just give it a go! This process can be really rewarding and is definitely cheaper than paying for a course. However I was very keen to learn needle felting and I thought that giving a course a go would be really interesting. I also thought that it might be nice to bring up the subject of craft courses with all of you here on the blog.

The course turned out to be brilliant, it was held at the Spinning Weal in Clevedon near Bristol and the lady teaching us was a talented needle felter and a great tutor. The course was five hours long and we came away with our needle felted penguin, all the materials needed to make more and a brand new skill. I was nervous about spending five hours doing one craft as I usually like to move onto something else after an hour or two to avoid boredom but in the end it did not feel like five hours at all.

Having a talented crafter teaching us a new skill was great but the other part of the course that I enjoyed was speaking to the other four ladies there about why they wanted to learn this and what other things they like to make. There was an interesting range of experience with craft in the room and although I was the youngest person there I definitely did not feel out of place at all. The other benefit of learning in a small group was sharing triumphs and mistakes as we went along, when I could not get my penguins beak to look anything like a beak the other people there were supportive and offered help and we all had a laugh at his silly huge beak! Learning alongside others really helped me avoid the “Oh f***k it I give up!” moment too which is a real bonus.


Watching everybody’s penguins take shape turned out to be very interesting, they all turned out beautifully different. Comparing them at the end you could really see that perhaps one person was great at shaping whereas another person seemed to have got the colours spot on etc. My penguin is certainly not perfect but I am pretty proud of him and after the course I managed to make a few christmas tree decorations too. I plan to continue with needle felting, it is the kind of craft you can do on your lap while watching trashy TV which is my favourite kind of craft to be honest and with some practice a small penguin should soon take less than five hours to make! Like other felting techniques you don’t need much equipment and the felt itself can be found cheaply from craft stores and online.

I will be doing a blog post about how to needle felt animals very soon but until then I just wanted to share with you how I have been converted when it comes to courses in craft. If you live nearby here is a link to the Spinning Weals website and all their courses

if you don’t live nearby then I highly recommend giving a course in a new craft a go, I think you will be surprised how much you get out of it! What are your feelings on craft courses? How about craft groups? I have always wondered if meeting as a group to craft together would be worthwhile? I’d love to know your thoughts!



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