Decoupage Nest of Tables



This is actually a project I did about two years ago when I first got into decoupage and had a lot of time on my hands! I hope it is still vaguely interesting to you despite the lack of photos of the process. It is certainly a furniture makeover that I am still happy with and proud of today. I was given this nest of tables for free from a family member as they were an ugly dark brown colour but the shape of them definitely had potential! My initial plan was to decoupage one, paint another and the third one … I hadn’t decided yet! However once I got started on the first one I got carried away with the decoupage and couldn’t help but decorate them all the same way. I’m so glad I did because despite the clashing colours and patterns of the tables the fact that they have all been decorated in the same manner means they sit nicely together as well as apart.





I used Decopatch papers for these tables and this glue both available from most craft shops and online. The great thing about Decopatch glue is that it is also a varnish so you do not have to use a varnish layer over the top of your glue and paper layer unless you want to. I chose to do the legs of the tables in a different paper to the tops which I am really happy with, and it was fun choosing the six papers as Decopatch have such a great range. As I have mentioned before I have found that Decopatch papers have the best coverage of all the papers I have tried, I did not prime or paint these tables before covering them with the paper and amazingly the dark brown wood colour does not show through at all. I have moved house twice since decorating these tables and they have ended up being incredibly useful in different ways in each home. Here’s some photos of how they are being used in my flat at the moment.

P1240007 P1240008

We use one table in the living room and one in the room that we use for making music and doing projects, we call it ‘the bit’ as it is not quite big enough to be a room of its own!

P1240009 P1240010

The third table is used as a bedside table in my room as it matches the colour scheme of my room perfectly, even though I decorated the table before my teal/turquoise obsession really took hold.

P1240011 P1240013

One thing I would say about the tables is that although the glue is also a varnish is does stay very slightly tacky even when completely dry and if anything hot comes into contact with them it sticks slightly. This is only really an issue when putting a hot drink down on the surface and even then although the mug sticks slightly it does not effect the finish at all. I just make sure I use coasters with my tables but you could remedy this by using a proper varnish or lacquer.

Overall I love these tables now, I think the bright colours and patterns really help to show off their beautiful shape and friends always comment on them when they come over. I would say that the decoupage process can be a little time consuming, I probably spent a few evenings working on these but it was so worth it!

If you would like to give something like this a go yourself but haven’t tried decoupage before then have a quick look at my decoupage overview post.


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