Christmas Crafts: Citrus Fruit Ornaments



A very quick post today about something I like to do every year: Dried citrus fruit ornaments. You probably know how to do this, and if you don’t you could probably work it out pretty quickly being the clever people you are!

But anyway, just incase this hadn’t occurred to you here is how I decorated my tree with beautiful citrus fruit ornaments.

First gather some citrus fruits, I usually only use oranges but this year we had LOTS of lemons and limes left over from our christmas cocktail party so I decided to use those too. Slice the fruit into thin, even slices and lay on greaseproof paper on a baking tray.



Leave your fruit in the oven at about 60 or 70 degrees celsius for up to 4 hours or until the fruit has dried out but not gone brown and shrivelled. Make sure to flip your fruit slices every hour. This makes your house smell amazing!


I found the limes were ready first due to their smaller size, then the lemons, then the oranges. Once your fruit is dry poke holes in them and thread with ribbon, wire or anything else you have spare!

I hung mine on my tree but they would look good as part of a wreath too, they are especially effective in front of lights as the light shines through them beautifully.


For me, at christmas anything that makes the house smell good is brilliant and I like to have things that I do every year like this, my own little traditions! I’d love to hear about the things you do to make christmas special for you every year!



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