Christmas Crafts – Decoupage Ornaments


If you’re anything like me you may have a few Christmas decorations which didn’t make the cut this year and are sat in boxes because they are too old or worn looking or they don’t go with newer shinier decorations. One way I have been updating my old cheap decorations is decoupage.

Here are some of the decorations I made last year using Decopatch paper – Please see my earlier post on decoupage for a more detailed look at the process, different materials available and where to buy.





For these decorations I bought ready made ornament shapes from my local craft store, they had a sort of brown paper covering which meant the paper and glue stuck really well to them and they came in lots of different shapes, you can see I bought two reindeer and various tree ornaments. I also added glitter to some of them for some added sparkle … it is Christmas!

This year however I decided to use leftover Christmas Decopatch paper to jazz up some old cheap baubles that I bought years ago when I first moved out, they are simple silver and gold balls but you can tell they were cheap and a bit tacky and they just didn’t go with my newer decorations. Decoupage is the perfect way to re-vamp old decorations like this because the glue will stick to anything and at roughly £1 a sheet it can be pretty cheap to make yourself a whole new set of decorations out of something you might otherwise have thrown away.



All I did was cover the old baubles in Decopatch glue and add small ripped up pieces of the paper and then some glitter. Smaller pieces of the paper work better for this project as they wrap around the sphere more neatly than larger pieces.




As you can see I kind of over glittered one of my baubles and the paper design is no longer so visible but I feel if there is ever a time to get carried away with glitter it is Christmas!

This is a super simple, super quick project and it’s bound to get you feeling festive, I’m so glad I didn’t just throw away those old ornaments!




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