Present Idea: Gingerbread Coffee Syrup


One of my favourite things at Christmas time is to meet a friend for a catch up and a gingerbread latte, last year I bought my own gingerbread syrup and put it in every hot drink for the whole of December. Whilst browsing Pinterest for handmade gift ideas this year I came across a recipe for home made gingerbread syrup. Not only is this a great gift idea but also now I know how to make my own and can put it in as many hot drinks as I like!

This lovely blog has a brilliant recipe which turned out really great so I thought I’d share with you how it went.

The recipe is pretty simple just find some small glass bottles to store the syrup in – I got mine from Wilkinsons, put all the ingredients in a pan and simmer.




Simmering the mixture will make your house smell amazing! And the whole process only takes about 20 minutes, you then leave it to cool before popping in your bottles and thats it!

The only way I deviated from the recipe this time is to add some vanilla essence as well as the vanilla pod. Although the finished syrup tastes brilliant it ended up quite watery in consistency, the next batch I make I might try adding a little more molasses sugar and simmering for a bit longer, hopefully that will give it a more syrupy consistency.

This recipe makes roughly 3 small bottles of syrup – one for me, two for gifts! I added labels to my bottles explaining whats inside and used coloured paper and stamps to decorate the labels. I think they look quite good, although I love the way the labels are decorated in the pictures on the Ana Mum Diary, the little gingerbread man buttons are so cute.



I plan to do a couple more batches of this syrup, I think it will make a brilliant gift alongside the decorated mugs I have made. It’s so quick and easy and delicious, give it a go!

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