Present Idea: Felted Leaf Brooch

DSC_0026A couple of days ago I posted about the second felting method I had recently tried. The method leaves you with a piece of felt in whatever colours you chose which you can then do whatever you like with. Well here’s what I decided to do with mine: little leaf shaped brooches which I will give as Christmas presents this year!

All you will need to make one of these little brooches is some felt, a leaf template or real leaf to draw around, metallic thread, a needle and a brooch pin. As I said the felt that I used was felt I had created myself, using felt fibres which can be bought cheaply from craft shops and online. Making the felt itself uses only these fibres, water, washing up liquid and a bit of time and effort. Using this technique meant that I chose the colours that went into my piece of felt and I love that I made the whole thing myself, but if you don’t fancy giving felting a go then you could always use shop bought felt.

The first step is to find a leaf of an appropriate size and shape that you like, it was wet outside when I made my brooches so I used a leaf template I found online.

DSC_0001DSC_0002Pin your template or leaf to your felt and cut round it. Even handmade felt should leave a crisp edge when cut which should not fray. Next just choose some metallic or sparkly thread – I chose a coppery colour to compliment the autumnal greens, browns and reds in my felt. Sew the pattern of a leaf skeleton onto your leaf using careful, small, neat stitches.

DSC_0007DSC_0004 I haven’t included a picture but it’s safe to say the back of my brooches do not look as neat or pretty as the front! You could glue another piece of felt to the back if you were concerned about this but I decided not to worry about the back.

The last step is just to fix your brooch pins on to the back of your leaf, you could use glue but I decided to sew mine on with some strong thread. And there you have it! Quick, inexpensive gifts that are completely hand made and very pretty!

DSC_0003I think these brooches would look lovely pinned to a winter coat or even onto a bag, what do you think?



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