Crochet Animals


I recently shared a crochet gingerbread man I have been making as Christmas presents so I thought it might be nice to share the other crochet toys I have made so far. Since being introduced to crochet last Christmas I have steadily been increasing the difficulty of the things I attempt to make. Crochet toys always felt way too tricky for a beginner like me! But when I actually sat down and gave it a try I found it to be much easier than I imagined. All it took was a little concentration and a well written pattern.

As I have only been crocheting for under a year now I am not going to try and explain the techniques or write out the patterns but I will leave you with where I found the pattern and I hope that seeing the things I managed to create will inspire you to give it a go yourself!

The first crochet toy I made was a small blue bear for my cousins new baby. Please excuse the terrible quality of this camera phone image! As you can see he’s pretty wonky in places but not bad for a first attempt! I used a pattern from a book called ‘Cute Crochet’ but unfortunately I cannot find it online to leave you the link!


Next I tried a slightly larger toy pattern and made this dog, this was also a pattern from the ‘Cute Crochet’ book I mentioned above. Again this toy is certainly not perfect but I think he has character.



My most recent creation was this giraffe. The pattern I used to create this can be found here I love finding patterns that lovely people like this lady have created and put online for free!



Making striped toys like this giraffe and the dog above is a brilliant way to use up scraps of wool left over from other projects. I did not buy any new wool for either of these toys, meaning that the only real cost involved was the stuffing material which was about £5 for more than enough for a few projects. I have so far given all of my crochet animals as gifts, although they might not be quite as exciting as the moving/talking/flashing toys kids might also receive as gifts I’d like to think that these toys will last a little longer and be a more permanent addition to their toy box!


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