Present Idea: Hand Decorated Crockery


Today I want to show you an idea for Christmas presents that I have been working on. Last year I gave 100% handmade presents and wow it was a lot of work! It felt so great to know that I had put time effort and thought into each and every present that I gave and I know people really appreciated it but this year I’d like to make life a little easier for myself so I am going to buy some and make some. Much less pressure and some people will still get some lovely handmade gifts!

This is one of the quickest and easiest gift ideas I have for this Christmas. All you need is some Porcelain pens, some plain crockery and an oven! Oh and some ideas for designs … I copied some ideas I found on Pinterest as I was feeling uninspired. Is that cheating? I hope not.

I bought these Edding Porcelain pens online for just under £10 for a set of 6 and my crockery was the cheapest available in Asda. I plan to give people either just a mug or a set of one large plate, one side plate and one bowl. This means that for less than £20 I have between 4 and 8 peoples presents sorted!





The first design I tried was this bunting idea using dots, I simply drew a black line or two and then added flags made out of lots of small dots. The hardest part was drawing a smooth, neat line especially on the mugs. I hope no one minds that the lines are mostly messy and uneven!



Next I went for this dandelion design I saw on Pinterest, I like it’s simplicity but its safe to say my dandelions look a little bedraggled!



The third design I tried were these trees. The image which inspired me showed red and orange autumnal leaves on the trees which was really beautiful but the pack of pens I chose did not include those colours. I think the green leaves still look nice.



Next all I did was pop the bowls, plates and mugs in a preheated oven at 160 degrees for 25 minutes and then left them to cool in the oven. This was what my particular pack of pens needed to make the image permanent but other pens may vary, some do not even need baking on. I tested my pens on an old mug of mine first and have washed it a few times now with no fading so I think it has been a success!

I spent the best part of a lazy Sunday drawing these designs (at a very lazy pace) so it’s a quick gift idea as well as a cheap one! What could be better? I’ve heard you can do this with Sharpies too, has anyone tried?

Look out for more gift ideas as we get closer to my favourite time of year, I may even share some of the gifts I made last year.




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