Christmas Crafts – Pom pom Wreath


I’ve been seeing these beautiful pom pom wreaths all over the internet at Christmas time for a couple of years now and this year I have finally got round to making one! It turned out to be pretty time consuming but very easy .. it’s the perfect project to work on while watching TV in the evenings.

You will need:

Wool – this is a brilliant way to use up scraps of wool left over from other projects

Pom pom maker or bits of cardboard if you don’t have a maker




Before we start lets talk about pom pom makers. I recently invested in a set of pom pom makers and I am so glad I did! I bought mine online very cheaply and they took a while to arrive from China but you can find them in most craft shops if you have less time. They drastically speed up the whole pom pom making process but if you don’t fancy buying these weird little plastic gizmos then you can of course use the traditional cardboard method – if you don’t know this method there are hundreds of youtube tutorials out there and it is very simple.

Ok so which ever method you are using, your first step is to make lots of pom poms, I made mine in traditional Christmas colours but I have seen these wreaths made with less traditional colours too and they look great.

If you haven’t used a pom pom maker before they can be a little confusing so here’s how you do it.


Begin wrapping your wool around one side of your pom pom maker, keep wrapping until the crescent shaped gap in the middle is filled. Repeat for the other side of the pom pom maker.



Close both ‘arm’ pieces and cut down the middle all the way around the pom pom maker so that each strand of wool is cut. P1240272

Take a small length of wool and pull it through the gap in the middle of the pom pom maker – once again I am finding this technique hard to explain, hopefully the pictures will help! Pull the wool tightly and tie a knot.


Now you can open the ‘arms’ of the pom pom maker and then remove each half of the maker altogether, you will have a pom pom! Don’t trim the ends of the piece of wool you used to tie the pom pom together, you can use this later to attach it to your wreath.



Now all you have to do is make loads more! I chose varying sizes but you could do them all the same size if you prefer. The amount of pom poms you will need will obviously depend on the size you want your finished wreath to be and how full you want it to look.


Next form a ring shape out of wire, I bought this red wire from a local craft shop but you could use any wire you have at home, even a coat hanger bent into a ring shape would be fine! Now just begin tying pom poms to your wire ring, try to tie the knots as tightly and as close to the wire as possible, this will stop the pom poms from moving. At this point I also attached some ribbon to the top of my ring – this can be used to hang your wreath from a door or anywhere else you want to display it!





At first it will seem as though your pom poms will not stay in position at all but as you keep adding more they begin to hold each other in place. When you feel you have reached your desired fullness all you need to do is trim the strands of wool you used to tie the pom poms on and you’re done!



I am so happy with my wreath! It has turned out exactly how I wanted and I can’t believe I have never made a Christmas wreath before! If I come across any gold or sparkly wool on my travels I may add a few extra pom poms to give it some sparkle but for now I will put it away and count down the days until it’s time to decorate!





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