Chocolate Orange Cake

P1240073Before I start this post I would just like to say that I am in no way an experienced baker. It is something I have always enjoyed but my cakes and biscuits very rarely go to plan. Despite this I thought it might be fun to share how I make one of my favourite cakes. As you can see from the pictures below I made two cakes at once on this occasion as one was for a friends birthday and one was for me and my housemates!

To make my version of a chocolate orange cake you will need:

1 large orange

2 eggs

160 grams of self raising flour

160 grams of caster sugar

160 grams of butter

Orange marmalade

Cocoa powder

Baking powder

Icing sugar

Decorations for the top

Please bear in mind that those measurements are only a guide, as long as the ratio of eggs, butter, flour and sugar is roughly the same I have found that the cake is usually a success – I’m sure more experienced bakers may not agree with my haphazard method though!

P1240031P1240032I started by weighing the sugar and butter and creaming it together, starting with a wooden spoon and finishing off with an electric whisk to make sure it was light and creamy.

P1240034 P1240035

Next I took the zest of my orange and added that and then the eggs bit by bit.   P1240036 P1240037P1240038

I then weighed out the flour and added some cocoa powder and a teaspoon of baking powder – I do this just incase the self raising flour decides not to raise … again its probably not technically correct. After incorporating the dry ingredients slowly I added a splash of buttermilk to make the cake extra moist – this is not something I always do, I just happened to have some in the fridge! I also added a little juice from the orange to make sure the flavour really came through.P1240039 P1240040The next step is to butter and line some cake tins, I went for one deeper tin and two shallower sandwich tins to see whether baking the two halves of the cake separately or in one tin and then cutting it in half was more successful. I bet you’re dying to find out the answer!

P1240042 P1240044

I filled the tins and then I popped the cakes in the oven for roughly 35 minutes, the deeper tin need longer than the two  shallow tins meaning it went a darker brown colour on top. P1240050I then left the cakes to cool before slicing the deeper cake in half and beginning the icing.  P1240052

For the icing I took more orange zest and added it to some butter, icing sugar, cocoa powder and fresh orange juice. I do not follow recipes when I make butter icing I just keep combining the ingredients until it looks right. Once they were combined I used my electric whisk and added some buttermilk. The longer you whisk this mixture the fluffier the icing/frosting will go.

P1240053 P1240054

Next I spread orange marmalade on one half of the cake and butter icing on the other, I then flipped the iced half over so that the cake had both marmalade and icing in the middle. The last step is to ice the top of the cake too and then decorate in whatever way you fancy! I used assorted chocolate cake decorations but I think those little candied orange slices would look cute too.

P1240055 P1240057 P1240059 This cake might not be the prettiest or the most sophisticated but it is certainly tasty, give it a go!P1240060


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