Christmas Crafts – Bunting Style Advent Calendar


Something you should know about me – I LOVE CHRISTMAS! Especially the excuse to make all sorts of lovely decorations and presents myself! The first Christmas craft I have done this year is this bunting style advent calendar. I have always wanted to make an advent calendar but didn’t want to make your classic piece of fabric with 24 pockets style, after some searching on Pinterest I came across one like this and decided to give it a go! Heres how I did it:

You will need:

Christmas fabric – I bought a few fat quarters and used some scraps from last year, you don’t need a lot

Cream fabric – I bought about half a metre of this linen style fabric, it was only just enough for 24 pockets


Sewing machine, scissors, pins etc.

First decide on the size you want your pockets/flags to be and cut out two pieces of the cream fabric slightly larger than your desired finished size to allow for seams. Also cut a piece of your christmas fabric which is as wide as the cream pieces but slightly less than half as long.




Fold over the top edge of your christmas fabric and sew across to create a neat hemmed edge. Lay your hemmed Christmas fabric piece on top of one of your cream pieces and then lay the other cream piece on top. Pin along the bottom edge and both side edges.




P1240135Using your sewing machine sew the pinned edges, about a quarter of an inch away from the edge of the fabric, make sure you have caught all three layers of fabric with your stitching. Now just turn your whole piece inside out a voila! You will have a rectangular flag for your bunting with a pocket perfect for putting festive treats inside!



The next stage is to decide how you are going to put the numbers on the flags, I considered using iron on glittery numbers that I found on Amazon but opted for gold permanent marker and a stencil to keep costs down. Using a stencil really helped to make the numbers look uniform and more professional, hand written numbers could look brilliant if you are confident of your hand writing but I am not!




The next stage is pinning your flags to your ribbon, I used this textured ribbon to help the flags stay in place as silky ribbon can be quite slippery to work with. Just fold your ribbon over so that half is on the front of your flag and half on the back, pin in place. It is obviously up to you how much gap you leave between each flag, I used a small gap as I did not have that much ribbon.



Now you’re ready to sew your flags onto your ribbon! I used zigzag stitch on my sewing machine to ensure they were held firmly, I also just really like the way it looks!


P1240245  P1240249

I really thought that this project would take a long time so I started early, but it only took a few hours over a couple of evenings so you definitely have plenty of time before the countdown begins on December 1st! I love it’s handmade charm, it would be a brilliant way to do a personalised advent calendar for kids rather than the standard chocolate one! I don’t have any kids so I plan to fill mine with treats for my housemates, maybe even tiny bottles of booze to make it more grown up!



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