Easy Fabric Wall Art Idea


This is a quick and easy idea for making striking art for your walls. It was my mum who did this first and inspired me to try it myself. Both me and my mum love to shop for pretty or unusual fabrics, usually to use in a patchwork creation. Sometimes though, you come across a fabric which is just too special to cut up into little tiny squares. Thats where this idea comes into its own.

All you will need is:

Artists canvas’s in any size or shape you want – as you will not be painting on these the quality does not matter and they can be found very cheaply

Fabric of your choosing

Scissors and a stapler or drawing pins


You simply need to cut your fabric to a size slightly larger than your canvas, wrap it round and secure it tightly with staples or even drawing pins. For a very simple idea this looks surprisingly good and can be made with any type of fabric you want. I chose paisley and psychedelic looking fabrics which look great grouped together, but you could go for colours that go well together or go with your home or what ever you feel like. So far I have made five of these small fabric pictures but I plan to make more, this also works well with just one larger canvas which is what my mum did. Take a look at the fabrics that I chose.


Another great thing about this project is that if you get bored of them or think of something else to do with your fabric you can simply remove it from the canvas and you will still have a decent sized piece of material to work with. Personally I love the way these squares look together even though the colours and patterns kind of clash! In our last flat we had them displayed together on one wall, we must get round to doing that again!



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