Instant Photo Display Inspiration


Following my post the other day about Fuji Instax images I thought I would share with you one way I display my Instax photos in our home. As well as having them stuck to the fridge with magnets and pinned to a photo holder in my room I decided to string some of my favourites up along the stairs.



All I used to do this was drawing pins, miniature pegs and some wool – you could easily use string, ribbon or anything like that but wool was all I had lying around. I got the mini pegs from a craft shop in Bristol. It’s amazing how many uses you can find for mini pegs!

It really adds interest to the hallway and has left no marks on the walls of our rented flat because I pinned straight into the tops of two door frames. If you didn’t have door frames near the area where you wanted to try this display method then pins in the walls would work too. For renters this is a great way to display lots of photographs without making lots of holes in the wall!


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