Pressed Flower Art


Today I thought I would share with you how I made this pressed flower art. I made this piece for my mum for mothers day (I know, I’m very late in getting round to posting about this!) but I have since made one for my cousin and his new wife as a wedding present, and a version on a card for another couples wedding day. A heart works for a mothers day present and a wedding present but you could make this in any shape you want, depending on who it is for!

Firstly, lets address the pressed flower issue. I know it can be seen as a bit outdated but I think dried and pressed flowers and leaves can make beautiful modern pieces if used in the right way. Also, it’s lovely to be able to press flowers or plants with some sentimental value to you, like my four leaf clovers here.


I use a flower press which my mum gave me years ago, just look at that Mothercare design on the front! The flowers in my press are placed between tissue paper, kitchen roll and blotting paper. From my experience you can use any absorbent paper.


You will need:

Pressed flowers – the amount you need will obviously depend on the size of your design

Paper or card stock for the background

Glue – PVA or any craft glue would work

Pencil, scissors, rubber

Frame of your choice – I chose a deep box frame

To make my heart design I chose a piece of off white card stock and drew a faint pencil heart outline onto it. Next I chose flowers from my press which I felt would look nice together and fit my shape well. Finding places for each flower so that they make a perfect heart shape is not easy (and mine was definitely not perfect!) it could take a while but when you are happy with your placement begin glueing each flower/petal/leaf down. Build up your design until there are no gaps, I chose more interesting flowers for the top and less interesting petals/leaves for underneath to bulk out the shape. If you are having trouble picking up your flowers without breaking them then slightly moisten your finger so the flower sticks.

P1230803P1230806P1230808 P1230809

I am really happy with the way this has turned out and luckily my mum loves it too. I think that putting it on a plain white or off white background and in a square box frame stops it feeling too outdated, what do you think?P1230810


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