Instax Summer Snapshots


One of the more recent additions to my ever growing camera collection has been my Fuji Instax. I found an older model which uses the wide format film on ebay for very little money and I love almost every image I shoot with it. Instant photography has become incredibly trendy again, especially since the Impossible Project (If you don’t know about them, its definitely worth a look at what they are doing) started making film for old Polaroid cameras again. I have a Polaroid camera and have taken some relatively successful shots with both Impossible Project film and expired Polaroid film however it can be very hit and miss and Impossible Project film is super sensitive to light when it first comes out of the camera.

This unreliable outcome and the high price per shot involved in using my Polaroid camera meant that I didn’t take to it so much. Despite the fact that I love the idea of instant photography. Not only do you have a print right away – meaning you wont leave images sitting around on your hard drive for the rest of time! But also, for me it changes the whole concept of an image, an instant photograph is an object in itself, you can watch it appear before your eyes, you can hold it, show it to others and interact with it in a way that you cannot with a digital file. Anyway, enough rambling, all that is why I bought a Fuji Instax. And I am so glad I did, almost every shot I take with my instax comes out how I hoped or better! The images are clear and the colours are strong. The limited focal range takes some getting used to and I am always forgetting to change the distance setting and ending up with blurry images but I really don’t mind. Overall I love this camera and I am steadily building a large collection of Instax images. It can be really fun to think of interesting ways to display these little photos too – look out for another post on that!

I thought that I would share with you some of the Instax images I have taken throughout this summer. Maybe it will inspire you to take up instant photography?

Instax005 Instax009 Instax012 Instax008 Instax014 Instax022 Instax025 Instax026 Instax007


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