Crochet Rug

For a long time I had wanted to make my own rug and had been inspired by all sorts of clever internet people.

This Braided Rug was the one I planned to try, by my favourite blog A Beautiful Mess – seriously if you haven’t had a look at their blog yet you are missing out! (I still plan to try making a rug like this, our hallway is crying out for a handmade runner!)

So I started saving bits of fabric, and then I got a bit obsessed with crochet which led me to this crochet rug tutorial which I just LOVE

Lets talk about crochet for a minute – I can knit a scarf, in fact I have knitted many but knitting never really caught my attention for long and I found the patterns incomprehensible, then I tried crochet and it just clicked, and now i’m hooked … bad joke sorry! I will do a full post on crochet at some point very soon I promise but for now, if you haven’t tried it, do! And this is a great project for crochet beginners.

P1230829 P1230831

You will need:

Large crochet hook – the bigger the better! I got mine from Amazon for about £2

Fabric Scissors

Loads of fabric – at least 2 king sized sheets

First things first gather as much material as you can in whatever colours you fancy, bedding is best as it is in large pieces but if you have LOTS of scraps of clothing or other material this will work too but will be more fiddly. I generally use my old bedding which is worn out and I collect cheap bedding from charity shops. This blue rug used one double duvet cover, one single duvet cover, one single sheet and the ends of some cutains I recently hemmed shorter. It ended up costing me about £5 – not bad!


Begin cutting your fabric into long strips, I did strips of about 2 inches, when you get to the other end of your sheet stop about 2 inches from the top and start again two inches along. This is hard to explain, hopefully this image will help to explain! Continue in this manner until you have made your sheet into one long strip!

P1230812 P1230813

The cutting part takes the longest, whilst making my first rug I got pretty impatient and tried to do all the cutting in one night leading to a blister on my hand from the scissors!

Next roll all your fabric into large balls, like balls of wool. This will stop you getting all tangled.

P1230818 P1230817

Now you can start to crochet! The pattern will be familiar to you if you have ever crocheted in the round before and it is really very simple. Rather than attempt to explain the pattern myself I would suggest you check out the brilliant instructions written by King Soleil

Your rug should begin to look like this, and it will just keep growing until you run out of fabric. Don’t forget to put a safety pin on the first stitch of each row – this will help you to accuarately keep up with your increases.

P1230820 P1230821

To change colour/fabric strips just tie the ends together and continue, making sure the knot ends up on the back of the rug. When you have run out of fabric just fasten the end and you are done! Here is my finished rug.

P1230823 P1230825

I chose these colours to go with the theme in my room, there will be more posts to come about styling my new bedroom – maybe you can guess I love all things teal/turquoise?


As you can see mine are not perfectly even or circular but I don’t care! They add so much colour and texture to our white and cream rental flat rooms. The rugs I have made so far have only ended up taking about one days work (with plenty of tea breaks of course) and I know I am going to make loads more – as soon as I can collect enough old bedding!


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